Phylogenomics: Trends and Innovative Techniques

Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room A6, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Barb Sharanowski

8:05 AM
Phylogenomics and the sister-group of hexapods
Hervé Philippe, Université de Montréal
8:50 AM
Next-generation sequencing for whole-genome analysis of non-model organisms
Matthew Hudson, University of Illinois ; Kranthi Varala, University of Illinois ; Amy Toth, University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign ; Gene Robinson, University of Illinois
9:10 AM
A phylogenomic approach to understanding Apocritan evolution
Barb Sharanowski, University of Kentucky ; Barbara Robbertse, Oregan State University ; John A. Walker, University of Kentucky ; R Yoder, Oregan State University ; Joseph Spatafora, Oregan State University ; S. Randal Voss, University of Kentucky ; Michael Sharkey, University of Kentucky
9:30 AM
Redefining the Holometabola using phylogenomic data from Strepsiptera
Stuart Longhorn, The Natural History Museum
9:50 AM
10:05 AM
Phylogeny of Lepidoptera: A genomics-inspired, community collaboration
Andreas Zwick, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute ; J. C. Regier, University of Maryland ; Atol LepTree Consortium, University of Maryland
10:25 AM
Comparative genomics of Diptera: Data-mining for phylogenetic resolution of the true flies
Michelle Trautwein, North Carolina State University ; Benjamin M. Wheeler, North Carolina State University ; Kevin J. Peterson, Dartmouth College ; Brian Wiegmann, North Carolina State University
10:45 AM
11:05 AM
11:25 AM
The tempo and pattern of early animal evolution
Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University
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