Stalk Boring Lepidopteran Pests in Multi-Crop Ecosystems of the United States: Current Status, Challenges, and Prospects

Tuesday, November 18, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room D7, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
Fangneng Huang
Boris A. Castro
1:55 PM
Geographical expansion of the Mexican rice borer in Texas: Can we slow down its movement?
M. O. Way, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; Francis Reay-Jones, Clemson University; T.E. Reagan, Louisiana State University
2:13 PM
Species and distribution of stalk borers on field corn and grain sorghum in Texas: Current status and challenges
Boris A. Castro, Dow AgroSciences; Roy Parker, Texas A&M University; Pat Porter, Texas Cooperative Extension, TAMU Ag Research & Extension Center; Stephen Biles, Texas A&M University
2:31 PM
Occurrence and management of stem borers on rice in the mid-southern region: Past, present, and future
Michael J. Stout, Louisiana State University; Jason C. Hamm, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center; Jaspreet Sidhu, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
2:49 PM
Strategies for managing stalk borers on corn and grain sorghum in Louisiana:  An emphasis on the use of non-Bt corn related technologies
B. Rogers Leonard, Louisiana State University; Jack Baldwin, Louisiana State University AgCenter; Fangneng Huang, Louisiana State University
3:25 PM
Challenges and strategies for management of the southwestern corn borer on refuge corn: Making it compatible for providing refuges for corn rootworms
Lawrent Buschman, Kansas State University Southwest Research-Extension Center; Phil Sloderbeck, Kansas State University Southwest Research-Extension Center
3:43 PM
3:58 PM
4:52 PM
Long-term population dynamics and impact of Bt corn on population suppression of European corn borer
William D. Hutchison, University of Minnesota; Roger D. Moon, University of Minnesota; Shelby Fleischer, Pennsylvania State University; Eric C. Burkness, University of Minnesota; Kevin Steffey, University of Illinois; Michael Gray, University of Illinois
5:10 PM
Current status and management of stalk borer populations on field corn and grain sorghum in Mississippi
Christopher Daves, Mississippi State University; Don Cook, Mississippi State University
5:28 PM
Bt resistance in sugarcane borer: Is the current ‘high dose/refuge’ strategy for Bt corn a valid approach for this borer species?
Fangneng Huang, Louisiana State University; B. Rogers Leonard, Louisiana State University; Roy Parker, Texas A&M University
5:46 PM
Concluding Remarks
1:30 PM
Guardian plants support greenhouse IPM
Carol Glenister, IPM Laboratories, Inc
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