Global Impact of Biological Invasions: Transformation in Pest Management Approaches

Sunday, November 16, 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Room C2/C3, First Floor (Reno-Sparks Convention Center)
James D. Harwood
Megha N. Parajulee
1:30 PM
Introduction. Harwood JD
1:53 PM
Ecological engineering to manage populations of invasive pests
Stephen D. Wratten, Lincoln University; Mattias Jonsson, Lincoln University; Douglas Landis, Michigan State University
2:11 PM
Invasions, aliens and global environmental change: What does it mean for insect herbivores?
Gregory J. Masters, Lancaster University; Nicola L. Ings, Queen Mary – University of London; Sean Murphy, CABI-Europe
2:29 PM
Evolution and insect invasions
George K. Roderick, University of California; Rosemary Gillespie, University of California, Berkeley
2:47 PM
Managing invasive wildlife pathogens on the margin
Eli P. Fenichel, Michigan State University; Richard D. Horan, Michigan State University
3:05 PM
3:23 PM
3:43 PM
Soybean aphid as part of a potential four-species invasional meltdown: Evaluation and implications for management
George E. Heimpel, University of Minnesota; Lee E. Frelich, University of Minnesota; Douglas Landis, Michigan State University; Keith R. Hopper, USDA - ARS
4:01 PM
Invasive slugs: Global status and options for biological control
Rory J. McDonnell, University of California Riverside; James D. Harwood, University of Kentucky; Gary L. Bernon, USDA - APHIS; Timothy D. Paine, University of California; Michael J. Gormally, National University of Ireland
4:19 PM
Impact of exotic insect invasions on Australian agriculture, and the need for biosecurity and quarantine
James Ridsdill-Smith, CSIRO; Simon McKirdy, Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity; Glynn Maynard, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry
4:37 PM
Entomopathogens attacking invasive arthropods
Ann E. Hajek, Cornell University; Travis R. Glare, AgResearch Lincoln; Maureen O'Callaghan, AgResearch Ltd. Lincoln Research Centre
4:55 PM
5:13 PM
Concluding Remarks. Parajulee MN
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