Wednesday, December 12, 2007: 7:00 AM-3:00 PM

Grand Exhibit Hall, First Floor (Town & Country)

E. Extension and Regulatory Entomology

 D0603Elementary insects: Entomology youth curriculum
Kimberly Schofield, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Molly E. Keck
 D0604International Service-Learning in Costa Rica: Insect Natural History
Michelle Samuel-Foo, Marianne Robinette
D0605Pest Private Eye: An interactive learning game about pests and integrated pest management
Clyde Ogg, Erin Bauer, Melanie Eirich, Vishal Singh, Nino Kapetanovic, Heather Dahm
 D0606Insects as elementary school science teaching tools: The Insect Discovery Program
Kathleen R. Walker, Kristin Potter
 D0608Expanding the undergraduate experience: Multidisciplinary online courses and instructional modules
Jerome Grant
 D0609Invasive insects: Lessons exploring the impacts of invasive non-native insects designed for use with middle and high school students
Jessica A. Beachy, Andrew J. Storer
D0610School IPM survey in Illinois
Phil Nixon, Charles Clark
 D0611Long-term results of school IPM in a large Florida school district
Rebecca W. Baldwin, Laura E. Jonovich, Faith M. Oi
D0612Occurrence and parasitism of Sitodiplosis mosellana (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in North Dakota
JJ. Knodel, G.A.S.M. Ganehiarachchi, K.M. Anderson, MO. Harris
 D0613Strategies for optimizing detection trapping systems
D. R. Lance, T. C. Holler, D. B. Gates, V. C. Mastro, A. J. Sawyer
D0614ISEC Home Pest Management
Wizzie Brown, Thomas Fuchs
 D0615Extreme Makeover: Diagnostic Clinic Edition
Christine Engelbrecht, Laura C. Jesse, Donald R. Lewis, John VanDyk
 D0616The pine shoot beetle (Tomicus piniperda), an example of combining GIS and probabilistic modeling in pathway analysis
Glenn Fowler, Barney Caton, Alison Neeley, Dan Borchert, Lisa Jackson, Leon Bunce, Rob McDowell
 D0617Insect biology: Using children's literature to teach entomological concepts
Melissa Montague Shepson, Tom Turpin, Ashleigh Morton

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