Monday, December 11, 2006: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Room 205 (Convention Center)

Student Competition for the President's Prize, Section Cd2. Behavior and Ecology

Moderator(s): Gwen Pearson
Megha N. Parajulee
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AM0343Phenological windows: Does Scots pine phenology constrain the life-cycle of the European pine sawfly?
Rodrigo A. Chorbadjian, Daniel A. Herms
8:47 AM0344Southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis and cut-and-leave suppression: Influencing forest stand dynamics through widespread mortality  [ Recorded presentation ]
Tom W. Coleman, Lynne Rieske
8:59 AM0345Preliminary data on the seasonal occurrence and oviposition preferences of the lesser chestnut weevil (Curculio sayi) in Mid-Missouri  [ Recorded presentation ]
Ian W. Keesey, Bruce Barrett
9:11 AM0346Switched after birth: Performance of viburnum leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta viburni [Paykull]) larvae after transfer to suboptimal hosts  [ Recorded presentation ]
Gaylord Desurmont, Paul A. Weston
9:23 AM0347Modulation of soybean, Glycine max defenses to herbivory by Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica ) under ambient and elevated atmospheric CO2
Clare L. Casteel, Jorge Zavala, May R. Berenbaum, Evan De Lucia
9:35 AM0348Nutrient-mediated interaction between above and below-ground herbivores of poinsettias  [ Recorded presentation ]
Claudia H. Kuniyoshi, Luis A. Caņas, Larry Phelan, Daniel A. Herms, David J. Horn
9:47 AMBreak
9:59 AM0349Changes in Popillia japonica (Newman) host-plant status recognition for foliage grown under elevated CO2  [ Recorded presentation ]
Bridget F. O'Neill, Arthur R. Zangerl, Evan H. DeLucia, May R. Berenbaum
10:11 AM0351Phenotypic and genotypic divergences and constraints in host plant use by polyphagous Macrolepidoptera
J. Gwen Shlichta, Pedro Barbosa
10:23 AM0352Evolution of herbivore performance in response to induced plant defense: Are there maintenance costs to being a generalist?  [ Recorded presentation ]
Adam Ehmer, Matthew Forister
10:35 AM0353Host plant choice in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)  [ Recorded presentation ]
Erin Hitchner, Thomas P. Kuhar, Joseph C. Dickens
10:47 AM0354Temporal availability of food resources affects sleep schedules of honey bees  [ Recorded presentation ]
Barrett Anthony Klein, Thomas D. Seeley

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