Tuesday, December 12, 2006: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Exhibit Hall D (Convention Center)

Display Presentations, Section Fa. Host Plant Resistance

D0368Microsatellite DNA and population structure of Russian wheat aphid
Kevin A. Shufran, Gary J. Puterka, Tracey L. Payton
D0369Genome-wide differential regulation of wheat genes in response to Hessian fly (Mayetiola destructor) infestation during compatible and incompatible interaction
Xuming Liu, Jianfa Bai, Lieceng Zhu, Xiang Liu, Nanyan Weng, John C. Reese, Marion Harris, Jeffrey J. Stuart, Ming-Shun Chen
D0370Status of Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) biotypes in cereals in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains states
Gary J. Puterka, John Burd, David Porter, Dolores Mornhinweg
D0371Ergot alkaloid effects on food preference and performance of black cutworms (Agrotis ipsilon) as assessed with gene-knockout endophytes in perennial ryegrass
Daniel A. Potter, J. Tyler Stokes, Carl T. Redmond, Daniel G. Panaccione, Christopher L. Schardl
D0372Southern chinch bugs overcomes St. Augustinegrass resistance in Texas
James Reinert, M. C. Engelke, A. Dennis Genevesi
D0373Influence of nitrogen fertility on endophyte-plant-insect-natural enemy interactions
M. Walter Baldauf, Douglas S. Richmond
D0374Resistance of sweetpotato genotypes to spotted and banded cucumber beetles
D. Michael Jackson, Janice R. Bohac
D0375Antibiosis of soybean breeding lines for the management of corn earworm Helicoverpa zea
Iqbal Javaid, Robert B. Dadson, Fawzy M. Hashem, Jagmohan Joshi

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