Tuesday, December 12, 2006: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 116 (Convention Center)

Section B Symposium: Impact of Hormone Research on Science and Economy: A Symposium to Honor Contributions of Professor Lynn Riddiford

Organizer(s): Subba R. Palli, rpalli@uky.edu
Bruce Webb, bwebb@uky.edu
Nancy Beckage, nancy.beckage@ucr.edu
8:00 AMWelcoming Remarks
8:05 AM0670A Riddiford retrospective and reflections on the R&R consensus  [ Recorded presentation ]
Judy Willis, jhwillis@cb.uga.edu
8:30 AM0671The morphostatic actions of juvenile hormone: From embryos to imaginal discs  [ Recorded presentation ]
James W. Truman, jwt@u.washington.edu
8:55 AM0672The roles of ecdysone, juvenile hormone, and bombyxin in the regulation of growth and size in insects  [ Recorded presentation ]
Fred Nijhout, hfn@duke.edu
9:20 AM0673The role of ecdysone and the prothoracic gland in determining critical weight for metamorphosis in Drosophila  [ Recorded presentation ]
Christen Mirth, mirthc@u.washington.edu, James W. Truman, jwt@u.washington.edu, Lynn Riddiford, lmr@u.washington.edu
9:35 AMBreak
9:45 AM0674Drosophila RXR ortholog binds an endogenous morphogen with nanomolar affinity and evidences an in vivo ligand binding function  [ Recorded presentation ]
Grace Jones, gjones@uky.edu, Davy Jones, djones@uky.edu
10:10 AM0675Expression and multiple functions of allatotropin
Frank Horodyski, Horodyski@oucom.ohiou.edu
10:25 AM0676Hemolymph proteins in the lubber grasshopper: Understanding their role in juvenile hormone action
David Borst, dborst@mail.ucf.edu
10:40 AM0677Regulation of enzymes involved in juvenile hormone biosynthesis
Kiyoshi Hiruma, hiruma@cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp
10:55 AM0678Hormonal control of wing development and body marking patterns in lepidopteran insects  [ Recorded presentation ]
Haruhiko Fuziwara, haruh3659@yahoo.co.jp
11:10 AM0679Forming a puparium: The role of hormonal response gene broad
Xiaofeng Zhou, xfzhou@u.washington.edu, Lynn Riddiford, lmr@u.washington.edu
11:25 AM0680Differential regulation of ecdysone-induced early gene E75 by juvenile hormone during molting and metamorphosis in tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta
Bela Keshan, bkeshan2001@yahoo.co.in, Kiyoshi Hiruma, hiruma@cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp, Lynn Riddiford, lmr@u.washington.edu
11:40 AM0681The progression from vitellogenesis to choriogenesis during silkmoth oogenesis requires autocrine/paracrine signaling by prostaglandins
Ednildo Machado, iatrou@bio.demokritos.gr, Luc Swevers, iatrou@bio.demokritos.gr, Kostas Iatrou, iatrou@bio.demokritos.gr
11:55 AMBreak

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