Monday, December 11, 2006 - 10:47 AM

Evaluation of the use of insecticide-impregnated cords for house fly control

Jeffrey C. Hertz, and Phil Koehler, University of Florida, Urban Entomology, 970 Natural Area Drive, Gainesville, FL

The house fly, Musca domestica, is a common nuisance and potential vector to both man and animal. The use of commercially available insecticide-impregnated cords was a common technique, and considered the treatment of choice, to control this pest in the mid-20th century. Their use is still recommended today, however, no product is currently commercially available. This study evaluated two insecticides, fipronil and indoxacarb, impregnated on five different natural and synthetic cords for potential use in future house fly control programs. Preliminary results indicate that insecticide-impregnated cords would be a valuable tool in house fly control programs today.

Species 1: Diptera Muscidae Musca domestica (house fly)

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