Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Freezing temperatures and ultraviolet radiation reduce efficacy of host egg defensive response against the encyrtid parasitoid, Avetianella longoi Siscaro and increase parasitoid acceptance

Darcy Reed, darcy.reed@ucr.edu1, Deane K. Zahn1, Jocelyn G. Millar, jocelyn.millar@ucr.edu1, Lawrence M. Hanks, hanks@uiuc.edu2, and Timothy Paine, timothy.paine@ucr.edu1. (1) University of California - Riverside, Dept. of Entomology, Riverside, CA, (2) University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign, Department of Entomology, 320 Morrill Hall, 505 South Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL

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Species 1: Hymenoptera Encyrtidae Avetianella longoi
Species 2: Coleoptera Cerambycidae Phoracantha recurva (eucalyptus longhorned borer)
Species 3: Coleoptera Cerambycidae Phoracantha semipunctata