Monday, December 11, 2006 - 9:47 AM

Calculation of an economic injury level (EIL) for Spodoptera exigua, beet armyworm in tomato

James E. Taylor, and David G. Riley, University of Georgia, Entomology, P.O. Box 748, S. Entomology Dr., Rainwater Rd, Tifton, GA

Spodoptera exigua, beet armyworm is a major agricultural pest in the USA and has recently become a problem pest in tomato production in South Georgia. In 2004, an insecticide efficacy trial was conducted to determine the effect of beet armyworm on tomato yield and to determine a range of infestation levels for 2005 and 2006 artificial infestation trials appropriate for estimating an economic injury level (EIL). A range of 1-40 beet armyworm larva(e) per 25 plants was used in artificial infestation trials to create a population that could cause significant economic damage. An EIL of one beet armyworm larva per 20 tomato plants was determined to prevent economic yield loss in tomato.

Species 1: Lepidoptera Noctuidae Spodoptera exigua (beet armyworm)

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