Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CORAGEN SC (DPX-E2Y45): A novel anthranilamide insecticide: Pest spectrum with emphasis on whitefly control in vegetables

Hector Portillo, nector.e.portillo@usa.dupont.com1, Paula C. Marçon, paula.c.marcon@usa.dupont.com1, Robert Williams1, Danny Tamayo1, Daniel W. Sherrod, Daniel.W.Sherrod@USA.dupont.com2, and Frederick W. Marmor, Fred.W.Marmor@usa.dupont.com3. (1) DuPont Crop Protection, Stine-Haskell Research Center, 1090 Elkton Road, Newark, NJ, (2) DuPont Crop Protection, US Development, 8295 Tournament Drive, suite 300, Memphis, TN, (3) DuPont Crop Protection, Stine-Haskell Research Center, 1090 Elkton Road, Newark, DE

The anthranilamide class of insecticides represents a novel chemistry that act with outstanding selectivity on the ryanodine receptor in insects. CORAGENTM SC is a member of the anthranilamide chemistry discovered and being commercialized by Dupont Crop Protection. CORAGENTM SC is highly potent and has shown broad-spectrum control of Lepidopteran crop pest species. In addition to its outstanding activity on Lepidoptera, CORAGENTM SC has shown varied levels of efficacy on selected crop pest species in the order Coleoptera, Diptera, and Homoptera. Within Homoptera, CORAGENTM SC has been most consistent in providing efficacy and crop protection against key whitefly species, i.e., Bemisia tabaci and B. argentifolii. Under laboratory and field conditions, the level of efficacy on whiteflies with CORAGENTM SC varies with the method of application (i.e., foliar spray versus root uptake), the ability of the foliar spray to penetrate the leaf cuticle (translaminar movement), the intensity of the infestation, and the timing of the application in relation to pest pressure. CORAGENTM SC acts primarily via ingestion on whitefly nymphs. Although adult whiteflies are not directly controlled, feeding behavior and reproduction are affected. Field efficacy tests conducted around the world indicate that in addition to its outstanding efficacy on Lepidopteran pests, CORAGENTM SC can be a valuable tool for the management of key whitefly species, providing inhibition of virus transmission and overall crop protection. Laboratory and field efficacy results on fruiting vegetables and cucurbit crops will be presented.

Species 1: Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Bemisia argentifolii (silverleaf whitefly)
Species 2: Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Bemisia tabaci (sweet potato whitefly)