Monday, December 11, 2006 - 9:11 AM

Effectiveness of Impasse termite blockers in preventing EST penetration through concrete/pipe sleeve interface 

Cynthia Tucker and Phil Koehler, University of Florida, Entomology & Nematologoy, Building 970 Natural Area Drive, Gainesville, FL

Eastern subterranean termites are important pests of houses and structures in Florida. The Florida building code was amended to reduce termite access into buildings and to regulate the placement and type of materials susceptible to termite damage. Construction and plumbing codes have had to change to keep up with newly available materials. However, even thought these materials they are not cellulose in nature, they do not prevent termite assess. This experiment used two ASTM approved pipe sleeves with CPVC and copper pipes and the use of Impasse Termite Blockers to determine the effectiveness of preventing termite access around plumbing penetrations through concrete foundations. This study found that the use of Impasse Termite Blockers was 100% effective in preventing termite access through the pipe sleeve interface, and preventing access through the concrete foundation.

Species 1: Isoptera Rhinotermitidae Reticulitermes flavipes (eastern subterranean termite)

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