Monday, December 11, 2006 - 2:35 PM

Give back to ESA: It's a win-win situation

Thomas E. Eickhoff,, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Department of Entomology, 202 Plant Industry Building, Lincoln, NE

The Entomological Society of America is largely run by volunteers, and students play a vital role in this undertaking. Student members make up over 20% of the ESA membership and, at the 2005 annual meeting, students represented 30% of paid registrants, making them the largest membership category in attendance. All ESA members, from the newest Masters student who recently joined the Society to a member with 40 years of service, have full voting rights and can hold any position within the governing body. Through ESA, student members have an exceptional venue to showcase and publish their research, and network with other researchers and future employers. In return, by attending branch and/or national meetings, presenting their research, organizing symposia, participating in Linnaean games, or simply encouraging fellow students to be active in the Society, students help make ESA one of the premier scientific organizations in the world. This presentation will focus on how students can give back to ESA, and how, by investing their time in our Society, they can expand their leadership skills and establish important professional relationships which can impact future employment options.