Sunday, 14 November 2004: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

253 A-B (Salt Palace L-2)

Section F Symposium: Transgenic Corn with Rootworm Resistance: Current Status and the Impact of Rootworm Biology on Resistance Management

Organizer(s): Bruce E. Hibbard,
Thomas L. Clark,
1:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
1:05 PM0032Market penetration and farmer compliance with resistance management for YieldGard Rootworm
Robert Starke,
1:25 PM0033The Cry34/35Ab1 science plan: A progress report on Pioneer Hi-Bred and Dow AgroSciences research
Timothy Nowatski,, Steve A. Lefko,, Elizabeth Owens,
1:45 PM0034Cry34/35Ab1 rootworm-protected corn: Current status and resistance management  [ Recorded presentation ]
Nick Storer,
2:05 PM0035The Syngenta product: Current status
Rob Wilde,
2:25 PM0036Interactions of alternate hosts, post-emergence grass control, larval movement, and transgenic roots: Current data and implications for corn rootworm resistance management
Bruce E. Hibbard,
2:45 PMBreak
3:00 PM0037Selection intensity of the Cry3Bb1 product
Thomas L. Clark,
3:20 PM0038Site specific management of corn rootworms with genetically engineered corn varieties
Jon J. Tollefson,
3:40 PM0039The relative fitness of western corn rootworm adults emerging from transgenic plants
Lance J. Meinke,
4:00 PM0040Rootworm transgenic products in first year corn: Appropriateness, feasibility of refuges, and the possibility of community refuges
Michael E. Gray,, Kevin L. Steffey,
4:20 PM0041Rootworm resistance management and Cry3Bb1 corn: Current plan and implications of new data toward a long-term plan
Ty Vaughn,

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