Tuesday, 19 November 2002: 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Room 113 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Stored Products Protection

Moderator(s): Michael Toews
7:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
7:05 PM0843Transgenic Bt corn resistance to stored grain insect pests
John D. Sedlacek, Anthony M. Hanley, Tonja M. Wilkins
7:18 PM0844Impacts of spinosad research
Subramanyam Bhadriraju, Liang Fang, Michael Toews
7:31 PM0845Tribolium castaneum population structure: why and how to measure it
James F. Campbell, Dick Beeman, Thomas W. Phillips
7:44 PM0846Molecular markers to study Tribolium castaneum population structure
Dick Beeman, James F. Campbell, Thomas W. Phillips
7:57 PM0847New acoustic instrumentation for detection of stored product insect pests
Richard W. Mankin
8:10 PM0848Diverse sensor technology for detecting insects in stored grain
Paul Flinn, Mark Casada
8:23 PMBreak
8:33 PM0849Biological control of pest Bruchidae with the generalist predator Xylocoris flavipes
Sharlene E. Sing, Richard Arbogast
8:46 PM0850The potential of Mattesia spp. for use in stored-product management
Jeffrey Lord
8:59 PM0851Precision fumigation using the ProfumeTM FumiguideTM
Brian Schneider, Damon Shodrock, Robert Williams, Suresh Prabhakaran
9:12 PM0852Ozone fumigation and its effect on the chemical composition and the processing performance of stored grains
Linda J. Mason, Charles Woloshuk, Fidel Mendez, Dirk Maier
9:25 PM0853Storing Grain in the Upper South: A combined program in Tennessee and Kentucky
Russ Patrick, Douglas W. Johnson, Sam McNeill, Mike Buschermohle
9:38 PM0854Can Extension be cutting edge?
Colleen A. Cannon
9:51 PMConcluding Remarks

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition