Monday, 18 November 2002: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Room 209-210 (Convention Center, Second Floor)

Student Competition Ten-Minute Papers, Section B. Physiology, Biochemistry, Toxicology and Molecular Biology

Moderator(s): Herbert Nigg
David W. Stanley
1:00 PM0414Long-lasting adaptation as a possible mechanism for reduced susceptibility to pheromone-based mating disruption
Lukasz Stelinski, James R Miller, Larry Gut
1:12 PM0415Inheritance of resistance to the Cry1Ab toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis in Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)
Analiza P. Alves, Blair D. Siegfried, Terence A. Spencer
1:24 PM0416Conserved response elements in the promoter of CYP6B4, an insect cytochrome P450 gene induced by plant allelochemicals
Cynthia M. McDonnell, Rebecca A. Petersen, May R. Berenbaum, Mary A. Schuler
1:36 PM0417Rearing the nymphalid butterfly Phyciodes phaon on an artificial diet
Hanife Genc, James L. Nation
1:48 PM0418Evaluation of a novel bio-rational compound for the control of various economic and medically important insect pests
Lewis S. Long, James P. Cuda, Bruce R. Stevens
2:00 PM0419Analysis of midgut brush border proteins from Manduca sexta using two-dimensional electrophoresis
Rebecca J. McNall, Michael Adang
2:12 PM0420The effect of transgenic tobacco with teratocyte gene in controlling tobacco pests
Torrence A Gill
2:24 PM0421Heterorhabditis bacteriophora surface coat proteins disrupt coagulation, encapsulation and melanization immune response by insect hemocytes
Abid A. Kazi, Diana Cox-Foster
2:36 PMBreak
2:48 PM0422Identification and characterization of an Ik-b related gene family in the Campoletis sonorensis Ichnovirus (CsIV) genome
Jeremy A. Kroemer, Bruce A. Webb
3:00 PM0423Morphological pathways of olfactory receptor neurons in male heliothine moth
Seong-Gyu Lee, Samuel A. Ochieng, Thomas C. Baker
3:12 PM0424Transcriptional regulation of an insect P450 gene by plant chemicals and environmental toxins
Rebecca A. Petersen, May R. Berenbaum, Mary A. Schuler
3:24 PM0425Products of the corpora allata in cockroach embryos
Xinyi Li, Glenn Holbrook
3:36 PM0426Assessing the impact of pesticide mixtures on the survival and fecundity of Daphnia pulex
Susanna Hopkins, John D. Stark
3:48 PM0427Nutritional effect and chemical analysis of the butterfly, Heliconius erato, fed on cyanogenic host plants
Mirian Medina Hay-Roe
4:00 PM0428Bacillus thuringiensis and cholesterol oxidase activity against the sweet potato weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in semi artificial diet assays
Daniel Maingi, Sakuntala Sivasupramaniam, Wagner Renee, Gregory Brown, Folk William

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition