Wednesday, 20 November 2002: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 118-119 (Convention Center, Ground Level)

Ten-Minute Papers, Subsection Fa. Host Plant Resistance and F. Crop Protection Entomology

Moderator(s): Michael J. Brewer
Franklin H. Arthur
8:00 AM0979Host plant resistance to silverleaf whitefly in the cotton relative, Gossypium thurberi
Eric T. Natwick, Gregory P. Walker
8:12 AM0980Blackmargined pecan aphid as an energy resource for natural enemies in the pecan ecosystem
M. K Harris, Allen Dean, Alejandro Calixto, Tsu-Yin Li, Bill Ree, Allen Knutson, Lisa Brooks
8:24 AM0981Relative susceptibility of twenty sorghum cultivars to twospotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch infestation as influenced by fertilizer sources
Hassan Ali Taha
8:36 AM0982A regional assessment of the greenbug holocycle
J.D. Burd, ZB Mayo, Gerald J. Michels, Louis Hesler, Tom Harvey, Gerald E. Wilde
8:48 AM0983Evaluation of natural defense mechanisms of resistance to potato tuberworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in tubers of hybrid potato clones
J. L. Jyoti, Ward M. Tingey
9:00 AM0984Comparative resistance of hemlock species to Adelges tsugae (Homoptera: Adelgidae)
Michael Montgomery, Anthony F. Lagalante, Casey Sclar, Brian K. Maynard
9:12 AM0985Biology and host susceptibility of Altica litigata flea beetle on evening primrose (Oenothera spp. and Calylophus spp.)
James A. Reinert, Cynthia McKenney, Raul Cabrera
9:24 AM0986Diaprepes root weevil (Diaprepes abbreviatus, Coleoptera: Curculionidae) feeding induced changes in sweet orange leaf transcript levels: Array-based gene expression analysis
Robert G. Shatters, Xiomara Sinisterra, Wayne B. Hunter, Phat M. Dang, M.G. Bausher
9:36 AM0987Differentiation of host plant resistance to Diabrotica balteata in segregating populations of romaine lettuce
Gregg S. Nuessly, Russell T. Nagata, Heather J. McAuslane
9:48 AM0988Resistance to the Mexican rice borer among Louisiana sugarcane varieties
F. P. F. Reay-Jones, T. E. Reagan, M. O. Way, B. L. Legendre, Mamoudou Setamou
10:00 AMBreak
10:12 AM0989Native resistance to corn rootworm larval feeding
Bruce E. Hibbard, Larry L. Darrah, David Willmot
10:24 AM0990YieldGard Rootworm® a transgenic approach for controlling corn rootworm
Robert Starke, Todd DeGooyer, Ty T. Vaughn, Jay Pershing
10:36 AM0991Quantifying western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) intrafield movement with a rubidium marking technique
Timothy M. Nowatzki, Blair D. Siegfried, Lance Meinke
10:48 AM0992The effect of stem diameter on European corn borer behavior and survival: potential consequences for IRM in Bt-corn
John E. Losey, Maureen E Carter, Susan A Silverman
11:00 AM0993Plants expressing two Bacillus thuringiensis toxins delay insect resistance compared to single toxins used sequentially or in a mosaic
Jian-Zhou Zhao, Jun Cao, Yaxin Li, Hilda L. Collins, Elizabeth D. Earle, Richard T. Roush, Anthony M. Shelton
11:12 AM0994Resistance to Bt crops: Lessons from the first seven years
Bruce E. Tabashnik, Yves Carriere, Timothy Dennehy, Shai Morin, Mark Sisterson
11:24 AM0995Site-specific pest management of the corn rootworm
Yonglak Park, Jon Tollefson
11:36 AM0996Can insectivorous birds and spiders influence caterpillar pest densities and broccoli growth performance?
Cerruti R.R. Hooks, Raju R. Pandey, Marshall W. Johnson
11:48 AM0997Scymnus louisianae (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) as a predator of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines (Homoptera: Aphididae), in Kentucky
Grayson C. Brown, Douglas W. Johnson, Scott E. Quinton

The 2002 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition