M.S. Student Oral Presentation Competition III

Monday, March 14, 2016: 10:30 AM-12:20 PM
Hannover Ballroom III (Sheraton Raleigh Hotel)

10:30 AM
Herbicide-Induced Oxidative Stress in Honey Bees
Jennifer R. Williams, Virginia Tech ; Richard D. Fell, Virginia Tech ; Carlyle C. Brewster, Virginia Tech ; Troy Anderson, Virginia Tech
10:42 AM
Development of a Novel Molecular Method for Detection of La Crosse Virus from Mosquito Vectors
Cassandra Urquhart, University of Tennessee ; Doris D'Souza, University of Tennessee ; Amy Lambert, Centers for Disease Control and Technology ; Rebecca Trout Fryxell, University of Tennessee
10:54 AM
Evaluation of Commercial Sorghum Hybrids for Resistance to Melanaphis sacchari
John Gonzales, Louisiana State University ; David L. Kerns, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; Julien M. Beuzelin, Louisiana State University ; Sebe Brown, Louisiana State University
11:06 AM
Insect Democracy: Do Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) Select the Best Queens?
James Withrow, North Carolina State University ; David Tarpy, North Carolina State University
11:18 AM
11:28 AM
Sugarcane Aphids (Melanaphis sacchari): A New Pest on Grain Sorghum
Brittany Lipsey, Mississippi State University ; Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University ; Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University
11:40 AM
Converting Marginal Land along Roadsides to Pollinator Habitat: Does it Make a Difference?
Jennifer O'Brien, North Carolina State University ; Danesha Seth Carley, North Carolina State University ; Margarita López-Uribe, North Carolina State University ; Rich McLaughlin, North Carolina State University ; David Tarpy, North Carolina State University ; Thomas Rufty, North Carolina State University
11:52 AM
Dividing the Pie: Differential Dung Pat Use by Horn Flies and Face Flies
Fallon Fowler, NCSU ; Bradley Mullens, University of California
12:04 PM
Ecology and Life History of the Kudzu Bug in East Tennessee: I Heard it Through the Kudzu Vine
Kadie Britt, University of Tennessee ; Jerome F. Grant, University of Tennessee ; Scott Stewart, The University of Tennessee ; Gregory J. Wiggins, University of Tennessee ; Steve D. Powell, Tennessee Department of Agriculture