Framing the Issues of Resistance Management in Soybean

Monday, March 14, 2016: 2:00 PM
Governor's Room II (Sheraton Raleigh Hotel)
Louis Hesler , North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory, USDA - ARS, Brookings, SD
The soybean insect-pest complex consists of both long-established and new invasive pests.  Management of these pests has been achieved by various means, but often relies heavily on the application of insecticides and the development of insect-resistant soybean varieties.  Pest management practitioners working in soybean face challenges to extend the durability of these approaches.  This seminar highlights some of the challenges associated with the use of traditional and transgenic host-plant resistance and with tactical use of insecticides.  It outlines particular issues associated with managing specific insect pests of soybean and the prospects for effectively managing them.
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