The ant network: Citizen science (Myrmecology)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Grand Ball Room Foyer (Pacific Beach Hotel)
Miles Maxcer , University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
The Ant Network is a fledgling organization that provides resources and services for ant enthusiasts, myrmecologists, and educators. The network specializes in instructing and supporting others in the caring for ants as pets, in research settings, and in the classroom. Ants are an integral part of many ecosystems worldwide, and they offer us an ecology education experience that is compelling and demonstrable. The resources that the network has developed and continue to develop include a growing ant information database, a detailed ebook; Caring For and Collecting Ants, written and video tutorials, a community discussion platform, and social media accounts. The Ant Network Team also conducts outreach work with K-12 students in classroom and outdoor settings. We believe that science is best communicated to students with interactive learning techniques, and we are working to publish our recommendations in an education resource portfolio that will include usable presentation files, graphics, posters, and materials. The Ant Network is an unprecedented organization that seeks to revolutionize the way that the world sees ants and ecology.
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