What are the costs and benefits for neonicotinoid seed treatments in field crops?

Sunday, May 31, 2015: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
Flint Hills + Kings (Manhattan Conference Center)
Erin W. Hodgson
Matt O'Neal
Erin W. Hodgson

1:30 PM
Introduction: How did we get here?
Matt O'Neal, Iowa State University ; Erin W. Hodgson, Iowa State University
2:00 PM
Seed Treatments and their Role in Crop Production and IPM
Michael T. McCarville, Bayer CropScience
2:40 PM
2:50 PM
Impact of neonicotinoid seed treatments on Mid-South crops
Fred R. Musser, Mississippi State University ; Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University ; John North, Mississippi State University ; Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University ; Don Cook, Mississippi State University ; David Kerns, Texas AgriLife Extension Service ; Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee ; Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas
3:10 PM
Wheat Seed in Kansas: To Treat or Not to Treat?
Holly Schwarting, Kansas State University ; Jeff Whitworth, Kansas State University
3:30 PM
Do neonicotinoid seed treatments contribute to area-wide suppression of soybean aphids and multicolored Asian lady beetle?
Christie Bahlai, Michigan State University ; Wopke vander Werf, Wageningen University ; Lia Hemerik, Wageningen University ; Matt O'Neal, Iowa State University ; Douglas A. Landis, Michigan State University
3:50 PM
4:00 PM
Collecting Credible Research Data on the Farm
Pat Reeg, Iowa Soybean Association
4:20 PM
Big data from multistate research on insecticidal seed treatments in soybean
Christian Krupke, Purdue University ; Kelley Tilmon, South Dakota State University ; Eileen M. Cullen, University of Wisconsin ; Erin W. Hodgson, Iowa State University ; Janet Knodel, North Dakota State University ; Brian McCornack, Kansas State University ; Paul D. Mitchell, University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Bruce D. Potter, University of Minnesota
4:40 PM
Concluding Remarks
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