Member Symposium: Preparing for the Future - What Every Student Should Know About Getting a Job or Finding a Career

Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
200 A (Convention Center)
Janet Hurley
Robert Davis

8:20 AM
Your transcript as your resume: Classes to consider outside of entomology
Allison Taisey, Cornell University ; Jim Fredericks, National Pest Management Association
9:00 AM
9:20 AM
9:40 AM
A career in public health entomology: It's not just vector management
Mustapha Debboun, Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
10:20 AM
Urban pest management: It’s not your father’s pest control
Mark D. Sheperdigian, Rose Pest Solutions
11:40 AM
A magnificent career in research without lifting a test tube or seeing a soybean field
Sally Rockey, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
12:00 PM
Lunch and Learn - Round table discussions with speakers
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