Contributed Papers I: Medical, Urban & Veterinary Entomology; Physiology, Biochemistry & Toxicology; Systematic, Evolution & Biodiversity; P-IE - Plant Disease Vectors

Monday, March 3, 2014: 1:40 PM-3:40 PM
Spartanburg (Embassy Suites Greenville Golf & Conference Center)
Marianne Shockley
Nancy Hinkle

2:04 PM
Kudzu bug (Megacopta cribraria) sensitivity to residual dinotefuran
Daniel R. Suiter, University of Georgia ; Monica L. Townsend, Univerisity of Georgia
2:16 PM
Laboratory evaluations of the susceptibility of the kudzu bug (Hemiptera:  Megacopta cribraria) to various insecticides
Stephanie Piper, University of West Georgia ; Gregory Payne, University of West Georgia
2:28 PM
Walnut twig beetle in the forest: Implications for spread of thousand cankers disease
Gregory J. Wiggins, University of Tennessee ; Jerome F. Grant, University of Tennessee ; Paris L. Lambdin, University of Tennessee ; Paul Merten, USDA Forest Service ; Mark T. Windham, University of Tennessee ; Danny Johnson, University of Tennessee ; Katheryne Nix, University of Tennessee
2:40 PM
The number one blood-sucking pest of chickens: northern fowl mites (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) and the problems they cause
Nancy Hinkle, Univ. of Georgia ; Ethan Reese, Univ. of Georgia ; Brent Phelan, Univ. of Georgia ; Annie Rich, Univ. of Georgia ; Jessica Rook, Univ. of Georgia
2:52 PM
Bugs and Bones:  Developing a Forensic Entomology Course
Marianne Shockley, University of Georgia
3:04 PM
3:15 PM