Dow AgroSciences Intrepid Edge Insecticide: A new tool for managing lepidoptera pests in southern U.S. soybean

Tuesday, March 4, 2014: 8:30 AM
King's Mill (Embassy Suites Greenville Golf & Conference Center)
Melissa Willrich Siebert , Dow AgroSciences, Greenville, MS
Gary D. Thompson , Dow AgroSciences, Omaha, AR
Larry Walton , Dow AgroSciences, Tupelo, MS
James E. Dripps , Dow AgroSciences, LLC, Indianapolis, IN
Intrepid Edge is a new insecticide from Dow AgroSciences containing methoxyfenozide and spinetoram. Results will be presented from 2013 small plot and commercial demonstrations. Efficacy against soybean looper and bollworm will be shared.
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