30 - Graduate Student TMP Competition: SysEB

Monday, November 17, 2014: 8:45 AM-12:30 PM
Portland Ballroom 252 (Oregon Convention Center)
Raul Medina
Andrea Lucky

8:45 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:48 AM
The biological traits explaining the occurrence of host-associate differentiation: A meta-analysis
Kyle Harrison, Texas A&M University ; Raul Medina, Texas A&M University
9:00 AM
Genetic differentiation of host-associated populations of cotton fleahopper (Pseudatomoscelis seriatus) in Texas
Josephine Antwi, Texas A&M University ; Gregory Sword, Texas A&M University ; Raul Medina, Texas A&M University
9:12 AM
Evolution in a bark beetle-fungal symbiosis: A phylogenomic and population genetic analysis of the mutualistic symbionts of western pine beetle
Ryan Bracewell, University of Montana ; Jeff Good, University of Montana ; Diana Six, University of Montana
9:36 AM
Genomic analysis of a hybrid zone between spruce budworm species in western Canada
Bryan Brunet, University of Alberta ; Felix A. H. Sperling, University of Alberta
9:48 AM
Genetic characterization and host associations of central Ohio turf infesting Crambinae larvae
Devon Rogers, The Ohio State University ; David Shetlar, The Ohio State University ; Steven Passoa, USDA - APHIS - PPQ
10:00 AM
The genetic structure of Ixodes scapularis Say 1821 revisited
John Ludwig, Georgia Southern University ; Cynthia Chan, University of Georgia ; Isis M. Kuczaj, Michigan State University ; Lorenza Beati, Georgia Southern University
10:12 AM
Comparison of potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli) populations from North America and Central America
Amalia Lopez, University of Texas ; Daymon Hail, University of Texas ; Blake R. Bextine, University of Texas
10:24 AM
10:36 AM
Using next generation sequencing to uncover population structure and species boundaries in Bactrocera dorsalis and its sister species
Michael San Jose, University of Hawai'i ; Luc Leblanc, University of Hawai'i ; Scott Geib, USDA - ARS ; Norman Barr, USDA - APHIS ; Daniel Rubinoff, University of Hawai'i
10:48 AM
From pavement to population genetics: Using citizen science data and ddRADseq to characterize the long-established pavement ant, Tetramorium caespitum, in North America
Tyler Vitone, University of Florida ; Rob R. Dunn, North Carolina State University ; Andrea Lucky, University of Florida
11:00 AM
Alternative preservatives of insect DNA for citizen science and other low-cost applications
Sedonia Steininger, University of Florida ; Jiri Hulcr, University of Florida ; Caroline Storer, University of Florida ; Andrea Lucky, University of Florida
11:12 AM
Solving the case of Monochamus clamator: Preliminary evidence
Patrick Scott Gorring, Harvard University ; Brian D. Farrell, Harvard University
11:24 AM
Orchesella celsa: A hyper-variable species or a loosely defined species group?
Catherine Smith, University of Tennessee ; Kevin Moulton, University of Tennessee ; Ernest C. Bernard, University of Tennessee
11:36 AM
A new record of Aphis punicae Parsserini, 1863 (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Korea
Yerim Lee, Research Institute for Agricultural and Life Sciences ; Wonhoon Lee, Animal and Plant Agency ; Hyojoong Kim, Animal Phylogeny and Systematics Laboratory ; Seunghwan Lee, Research Institute for Agricultural and Life Sciences
11:48 AM
Phylogeography of cryptic species of Heleocoris (Heteroptera: Naucoridae) in Southeast Asia
Jessica Warwick, University of Missouri ; Lori Eggert, University of Missouri ; Robert W. Sites, University of Missouri
12:00 PM
Genetic diversity in the cave beetle genus Darlingtonea: Phylogeography and species limits
Olivia Boyd, Western Kentucky University ; T. Keith Philips, Western Kentucky University