11 - Graduate Student Poster Competition: P-IE

Monday, November 17, 2014: 8:00 AM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall C (Oregon Convention Center)

Factors affecting vertical movement of Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae), lesser grain borer, in the grain mass
Erick Cordeiro, Kansas State University ; James Campbell, USDA - ARS ; Thomas Phillips, Kansas State University
Quantifying insect prey preferences of North American breeding birds across mesic and xeric environments
Ashley C. Kennedy, University of Delaware ; Douglas W. Tallamy, University of Delaware
System-level effects on arthropod communities in conventional and organic crop fields
Paul Adams III, North Carolina State University ; Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, North Carolina State University ; Dolly Watson, North Carolina State University ; D. Wes Watson, North Carolina State University ; David Orr, North Carolina State University ; Yasmin Cardoza, North Carolina State University
Do detoxification enzymes enable generalism by Japanese beetles Popillia japonica Newman?
Adekunle Adesanya, Auburn University ; Nannan Liu, Auburn University ; David Held, Auburn University
Occupancy modelling of nine endemic insects from the Monahans Sandhills in western Texas
Scott Longing, Texas Tech University ; James Cokendolpher, Museum of Texas Tech University ; Samuel Discua Duarte, Texas Tech University
Superinfecting symbionts: Interactions between two defensive mutualists and their aphid host, Acyrthosiphon pisum
Stephanie Weldon, University of Georgia ; Kerry M. Oliver, University of Georgia
Structure of insect-plant networks across broad environmental gradients
Ellen Welti, Kansas State University ; Anthony Joern, Kansas State University
First record of a sawfly, Sphacophilus sp. (Hymenoptera:Argidae), feeding on chipilín, Crotalaria longirostrata (Fabaceae) in Chiapas, México
José Monjarás-Barrera, Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro ; Celso Morales-Reyes, Universidad Autónoma Agraria Antonio Narro ; David Smith, National Museum of Natural History
Cryptic killer or indulgent insect? Matsucoccus macrocicatrices and its relationship with pinus strobus in the southern Appalachian mountains
Ashley Schulz, University of Georgia ; Christopher Asaro, Virginia Department of Forestry ; David R. Coyle, University of Georgia ; Michelle Cram, USDA - Forest Service ; Rima Lucardi, USDA - Forest Service ; Angela M. Mech, University of Georgia ; Kamal J.K. Gandhi, University of Georgia
Corn plant and seedling insect complex interactions with seed-applied and in-furrow insecticides
Forrest Howell, North Carolina State University ; Dominic Reisig, North Carolina State University