MS: Transgenic Insect Resistant Soybeans

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Portland Ballroom 252 (Oregon Convention Center)
Nandi Nagaraj
Aqeel Ahmad
Murugesan Rangasamy

1:30 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:35 PM
Management strategies for important insects in soybeans in the Southeast
Jeremy K. Greene, Clemson University ; Ames Herbert, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ; Dominic Reisig, North Carolina State University ; Jack S. Bacheler, North Carolina State University ; Francis Reay-Jones, Clemson University ; Phillip Roberts, University of Georgia ; Michael Toews, University of Georgia ; David Buntin, University of Georgia ; Ronald Smith, Auburn University ; Tim Reed, Alabama CES
1:55 PM
Potential value and fit of Bt soybeans in midsouth soybean systems
Angus Catchot, Mississippi State University ; Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University ; Don Cook, Mississippi State University ; Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee ; Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas
2:15 PM
Efficacy of Dow AgroSciences’ dual-gene Bt soybeans against key lepidopteran pests in Brazil and Argentina
Antonio C. Santos, Dow AgroSciences ; Maria Cometti, Dow AgroSciences ; Boris Castro, Dow AgroSciences ; Amanda Jacobson, Dow AgroSciences ; Luiz Henrique Marques, Dow AgroSciences
2:35 PM
Intacta: Product attributes & IRM strategies
Samuel Martinelli, Monsanto Company ; Graham P. Head, Monsanto Company ; Renato A. de Carvalho, Monsanto do Brasil Ltda. ; Patrick Dourado, Monsanto do Brasil Ltda.
2:55 PM
Next generation transgenic IR products in soybeans
Ted C. MacRae, Monsanto Company ; Kim Beazley, Monsanto Company ; Lisa Ruschke, Monsanto Company ; Radomir Stojsin, Monsanto Company ; Kiarong Tian, Monsanto Company ; Maria Sanchez-Peņa, Monsanto Company
3:15 PM
3:25 PM
Genes for chewing insect resistance in soybean
Maria Ortega Ortega, University of Georgia ; Roger Boerma, University of Georgia ; John All, University of Georgia ; Wayne Parrott, University of Georgia
3:45 PM
IRM considerations for Dow AgroSciences’ dual-gene Bt soybeans in South America
Nicholas Storer, Dow AgroSciences ; Antonio C. Santos, Dow AgroSciences
4:05 PM
IRM for insecticidal soybean: From a maizing knowledge to not knowing beans about the insects
David Onstad, DuPont ; Z. Pan, DuPont Crop Protection ; P Crain, DuPont ; J. Lindsey Flexner, DuPont
4:25 PM
Environmental risk assessment of insect protected soybeans
Aqeel Ahmad, Monsanto Company ; Bernard Sammons, Monsanto Company ; Michael Horak, Monsanto Company ; Steven L. Levine, Monsanto Company ; David Carson, Monsanto Company
4:45 PM
5:05 PM
Concluding Remarks
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