MS: Biological Control in Acarology: Present and Future Challenges

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 1:15 PM-5:15 PM
B110-112 (Oregon Convention Center)
Cesar Monzo
Raul Villanueva
Cesar Monzo
Raul Villanueva

1:15 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:20 PM
The future of classical biological control in acarology
Marjorie A. Hoy, University of Florida
1:40 PM
Reducing impacts of Asian citrus psyllid insecticide programs on phytoseiid mites assemblages
Cesar Monzo, University of Florida ; Philip A. Stansly, University of Florida
2:00 PM
A tale of two mites: Amblydromella caudiglans and Galendromus occidentalis in Washington apple
Rebecca Schmidt, Washington State University ; Elizabeth H. Beers, Washington State University
2:20 PM
Current challenges in the biological control of spider mites in California walnuts
Nicholas J. Mills, University of California ; Elizabeth E. Grafton-Cardwell, University of California ; Kris Tollerup, University of California
2:40 PM
Progress in the use of predatory mites in pest control
Maurice W. Sabelis, University of Amsterdam ; Arne Janssen, Universiteit van Amsterdam ; Karen Munoz Cardenas, Faculty of Science IBED
3:00 PM
3:10 PM
Rearing of predatory mites for different purposes
Marcela Ribeiro da Silva, Universidade de São Paulo ; Marina Ferraz de Camargo Barbosa, Universidade de São Paulo ; Gilberto de Moraes, Universidade de São Paulo
3:30 PM
Biological control with predaceous mites in open-field crops
Philip A. Stansly, University of Florida ; Jose Castillo, University of Florida
3:50 PM
4:10 PM
Biological control of tetranychids affecting Carica papaya
Jorge Peña, University of Florida ; Martha de Coss, Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas ; Jonathan H. Crane, University of Florida ; Octavio Menocal, University of Florida ; Armando Monterroso, Brooks Tropicals
4:30 PM
4:50 PM
Concluding Remarks
4:55 PM
Acarological Society of America Business Meeting
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