P-IE SS: Novel Plant-Insect Associations: Implications of the Lack of Coevolution

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
D136 (Oregon Convention Center)
William O. Lamp
Alina Avanesyan
William O. Lamp
Alina Avanesyan

8:00 AM
Welcoming Remarks
8:25 AM
Variation in ash resistance to emerald ash borer:  lack of coevolutionary history facilitates a mega-invasion in defense free space
Daniel A. Herms, The Ohio State University ; Justin G. A. Whitehill, University of British Columbia ; Chad M. Rigsby, Wright State University ; Don Cipollini, Wright State University ; Pierluigi Bonello, The Ohio State University
8:45 AM
Interaction of generalist grasshoppers with native and exotic grasses: behavioral and molecular approaches
Alina Avanesyan, University of Cincinnati ; Theresa Culley, University of Cincinnati
9:05 AM
Prediction in novel thistle-insect interactions: challenges of phenological and spatial variation
Leland Russell, Wichita State University ; Tatyana Rand, USDA - ARS ; Svata Louda, George Holmes University
9:25 AM
Symbiont-insect interaction in a novel association: decreased wound response to an hopperburning leafhopper
Bridget D. DeLay, Baylor University ; William O. Lamp, University of Maryland
9:45 AM
10:00 AM
Life history and fitness of herbivores colonizing novel host plants
Carlos Garcia-Robledo, Institute of Ecology (INCECOL)
10:20 AM
Predicting novel herbivore-plant food webs with limited information
Ian S. Pearse, Illinois Natural History Survey
10:40 AM
Alternative outcomes of the interaction of specialist herbivores with novel invasive host plants
Don Cipollini, Wright State University ; Samantha Davis, Wright State University ; Deah Lieurance, Wright State University
11:20 AM
Concluding Remarks
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