MS: Horizons in the Field of Symbiosis

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 1:15 PM-5:15 PM
Portland Ballroom 252 (Oregon Convention Center)
Jacob Russell
John McCutcheon

1:15 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:20 PM
A genotoxic gut symbiont of honey bees with a unique colonization phenotype
Philipp Engel, University of Lausanne ; Maria Vizcaino, Yale University ; Kelsey Bartlett, University of New Haven ; Jason Crawford, Yale University ; Nancy Moran, Yale University
1:40 PM
Spiroplasma-mediated defense against parasitic nematodes in Drosophila
Steve J. Perlman, University of Victoria ; Phineas Hamilton, University of Victoria ; Benjamin Koop, University of Victoria ; Jong Leong, University of Victoria ; Martin Boulanger, University of Victoria ; Fangni Peng, University of Victoria
2:20 PM
Diverse phage roles in an aphid defensive mutualism
Kerry M. Oliver, University of Georgia ; Adam J. Martinez, University of Georgia ; Stephanie Weldon, University of Georgia
3:00 PM
The intracellular symbiont Rickettsia influences whitefly biology in multiple ways
Martha S. Hunter, University of Arizona ; Anna G. Himler, University of Arizona ; Paul Nabity, University of Arizona ; Bodil N. Cass, University of Arizona ; Peter Asiimwe, University of Arizona
3:20 PM
3:30 PM
Wolbachia infections for vector-borne disease control: Letting the genie out of the bottle?
Grant Hughes, Pennsylvania State University ; Jason Rasgon, Pennsylvania State University ; Brittany Dodson, Pennsylvania State University
3:50 PM
Unraveling tri-partite symbiosis in the termite gut with the goal of improved biomass-to-biofuel processing
Brittany F. Peterson, Purdue University ; Michael E. Scharf, Purdue University
4:10 PM
Pathogen genome sequences without culturing
Dustin Brisson, University of Pennsylvania ; Aaron Leichty, University of Pennsylvania
4:30 PM
Population genomic and transcriptomic insights into symbiont adaptation during a rapid insect invasion
Amanda Brown, University of Montana ; Lynn Huynh, University of Montana ; John McCutcheon, University of Montana
4:50 PM
Convergent acquisition of symbionts by ants at extreme ends of the trophic scale
Piotr Lukasik, Drexel University ; Corrie Moreau, Field Museum of Natural History ; Jacob Russell, Drexel University
5:10 PM
Concluding Remarks
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