MS: Grand Challenge: Effective Science Education with Communication

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
Portland Ballroom 255 (Oregon Convention Center)
Tamra Reall Lincoln
Rebecca Schmidt
Kayla I. Perry
Michael Forthman
Kyndall Dye
Tamra Reall Lincoln
Rebecca Schmidt

1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM
Edutainment with insects
Tom Turpin, Purdue University
2:13 PM
2:32 PM
Backyard bark beetles: Using citizen science to educate the public and monitor invasive species
Sedonia Steininger, University of Florida ; Jiri Hulcr, University of Florida
2:51 PM
Engaging the reluctant learner: Art, science & bugs
Daniel Babbitt, Smithsonian Insect Zoo and Butterfly Pavilion
3:03 PM
Meeting the challenge: Entomological education and outreach on the palouse
Alix Whitener, Washington State University ; Rebecca Schmidt, Washington State University ; Robert A. Zinna, Washington State University
3:03 PM
Adventures in education: Using entomology to engage children in science
Tamra Reall Lincoln, University of Missouri ; Kathryn Ingerslew, University of Missouri ; Brittani Alexander, University of Missouri ; Lauren M. Diepenbrock, University of Missouri ; John Krauska, University of Missouri ; Mervat A. B. Mahmoud, University of Missouri ; Daniel Reynoso-Velasco, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México ; Hongwei Zhang, University of Missouri
3:03 PM
Pollination investigators: Measuring pollination services in backyard gardens
Scott Prajzner, The Ohio State University ; Nicole Hoekstra, The Ohio State University ; Andrea Kautz, The Ohio State University ; Alice M. Vossbrinck, The Ohio State University
3:03 PM
Social media: Giving science communication a facelift
M. T. Bentley, University of Florida ; Aaron Pomerantz, University of Florida ; Lary Reeves, University of Florida ; Geoff Gallice, University of Florida
3:03 PM
From the lab and beyond: Entomology in action
Kyndall Dye, University of Kentucky ; Jennifer Gordon, University of Kentucky ; Sydney Crawley, University of Kentucky ; Katelyn A. Kowles, University of Kentucky ; Caitlin Stamper, University of Kentucky ; Abiya Saeed, University of Kentucky
3:03 PM
Bringing the hop yards back: A feasibility study and outreach program for Ohio
Chelsea A. Smith, The Ohio State University ; Mary M. Gardiner, The Ohio State University ; Brad Bergefurd, The Ohio State University ; Thom Harker, The Ohio State University
3:03 PM
Outreach at UCR: Dynamic approaches to community science education
Deborah De La Riva, University of California ; Amelia Lindsey, University of California ; Parry Kietzman, University of California ; Emily McDermott, University of California ; Christopher Shogren, University of California
3:03 PM
Poster Session
4:03 PM
Engaging the non-science student in science – through insects
Richard Zack, Washington State University
4:41 PM
Pesticide education search tool (PEST): A new IPM application from the national pesticide information center
David Stone, Oregon State University ; Kaci Buhl, Oregon State University ; Sean Ross, Oregon State University
4:53 PM
Making the case: Forensic entomology case studies
Nancy Miorelli, University of Georgia
5:24 PM
Concluding Remarks
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