Population survey of St. Anthony Dunes tiger beetle, Cicindela arenicola

Monday, November 17, 2014
Exhibit Hall C (Oregon Convention Center)
John T. Zenger , Brigham Young University, Rexburg, ID
Austin Fife , Biology, Brigham Young University, Rexburg, ID
The Tiger Beetle Cicindela arenicola Rumpp, also known as the "St. Anthony Dune Tiger Beetle", is found exclusively on a few dune systems in the Snake River Plain in Idaho, and one location in southern Montana. C. arenicola is considered a threatened and potentially endangered species. This study examined the density and distribution of both adults and larval burrows within the St. Anthony Dunes in order to determine the population size and viability of C. arenicola in this ecosystem. In addition, we monitored larval burrowing patterns and habits. The data will be used by the Bureau of Land Management to determine actions for the conservation of this endemic species. Populations of C. arenicola were discovered in all conducive habitats for this species, regardless of human presence.