ESA Southeastern Branch Meeting Online Program

Ph.D. Student Poster Presentation Competition III

Monday, March 4, 2013: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Heidelberg Ballroom (Hilton Baton Rouge)

Current status of egg parasitoids of stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) eggs in soybean in Louisiana
Miyanda N. Moonga, Louisiana State University AgCenter ; Katherine L. Kamminga, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ; Steve Micinski, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; Arthur R. Richter, Louisiana State University AgCenter ; Jeffrey A. Davis, Louisiana State University AgCenter
Optimizing ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) monitoring using colored traps
Chris Werle, USDA, Agricultural Research Service ; Alicia Bray, Tennessee State University ; Jason Oliver, Tennessee State University ; Blair Sampson, USDA, Agricultural Research Service
Effects of harsh climate on wild Japanese beetle populations
B. M. Petty, University of Arkansas ; Donald C. Steinkraus, University of Arkansas ; D. T. Johnson, University of Arkansas
Effect of soil silicon amendment on performance of sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis, (Lepidoptera:Crambidae) on rice in Louisiana
Jaspreet K. Sidhu, Louisiana State University AgCenter ; Michael J Stout, Louisiana State University Agcenter ; Lawrence E Datnoff, Louisiana State University Agcenter
A novel approach using spatial analysis to assess impacts of biological control on hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae, in Eastern forests
Abdul Hakeem, University of Tennessee ; Jerome F. Grant, University of Tennessee ; Paris L. Lambdin, University of Tennessee ; Greg Wiggins, University of Tennessee ; Frank A. Hale, University of Tennessee ; David Buckley, University of Tennessee ; Rusty Rhea, USDA - Forest Service
Effect of pollen movement in mixed plantings of Bt and non-Bt corn on survival and damage of corn earworm
Fei Yang, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; David Kerns, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; B. Rogers Leonard, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; Graham P. Head, Monsanto LLC ; Ying Niu, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ; Fangneng Huang, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Assessing the efficacy of Cricotopus lebetis Sublette (Diptera: Chironomidae) for controlling Hydrilla verticillata (L.f.) Royle in theWacissa river
Eutychus M. Kariuki, Florida A&M University ; Raymond L. Hix, Florida A&M University ; James P. Cuda, University of Florida