ESA Southeastern Branch Meeting Online Program

Ph.D. Student Oral Presentation Competition III

Monday, March 4, 2013: 1:40 PM-3:55 PM
Riverview B (Hilton Baton Rouge)
Michelle Samuel-Foo
Gregory J. Wiggins

1:52 PM
Oviposition behavior of rugose spiraling whitefly (Aleurodicus rugioperculatus)
Siavash Taravati, University of Florida ; Catharine M. Mannion, University of Florida
2:04 PM
Long-term persistence of imidacloprid and olefin in eastern hemlock: Implications for hemlock woolly adelgid suppression in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Elizabeth P. Benton, University of Tennessee ; R. Jesse Webster, National Park Service ; Carla I. Coots, University of Tennessee ; Richard Cowles, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station ; Anthony Lagalante, Villanova University ; Jerome F. Grant, University of Tennessee
2:16 PM
Do I eat or do I walk? Determining the exposure route of imidacloprid to green peach aphids in cultivated tobacco
H. Alejandro Merchán, NC State University ; Nicholas Allen, North Carolina State University ; Hannah J. Burrack, North Carolina State University
2:28 PM
Latitudinal gradients in plant-herbivore interactions in an invasive grass Phragmites australis in North America
Ganesh P. Bhattarai, Louisiana State University ; Warwick Allen, Louisiana State University ; Laura A. Meyerson, University of Rhode Island ; James T. Cronin, Louisiana State University
2:40 PM
Oviposition preference and larval performance of sugarcane borer, Diatraea saccharalis on rice
Jaspreet K. Sidhu, Louisiana State University AgCenter ; Michael J Stout, Louisiana State University Agcenter
2:52 PM
3:27 PM
Flowering plant effects on adults of the stink bug parasitoid Aridelus rufotestaceus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
Obinna Aduba, University of Georgia ; John Ruberson, Kansas State University ; Peter Hartel, University of Georgia ; Michael Strand, University of Georgia ; Dawn Olson, USDA-ARS ; Henry Fadamiro, Auburn University
3:39 PM
A preliminary phylogenetic analysis of the basal Cucujoidea
Thomas McElrath, University of Georgia