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Thirps of vegetables in Biskra (Algeria)

Monday, March 4, 2013
Heidelberg Ballroom (Hilton Baton Rouge)
Sabah Razi , Plant Protecion, university of Biskra, Biskra, Algeria
Thrips (Thysanoptera) are abundant and diverse invegetable fileds of Biskra, an arid but important crop production region of Algeria.We conducted surveys of thrips in this region and identified them to develop a base of knowledge for these potentially important pests on Algerian vegetables, XX species were collected from diferent plants. Odontothrips loti was the most abundant species, followed by Thrips angusticeps, Aelothrips fasciatus. Less common species included Rhipidothrips gratiosus and Melanothrips fiscus. Most of these species can damage crops and all are  polyphagous, which complicates pest management decisions Frankliniella occidentalis was found at a low rate, but is of special concern because of its competence as a vector of tomato spotted wilt virus.
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