Member Symposium: Rocking Your Connected World: The Importance of Insect Microbiomes

Sunday, November 10, 2013: 1:15 PM-5:15 PM
Meeting Room 19 A (Austin Convention Center)
Jennifer L. Pechal
M. Eric Benbow

1:15 PM
Welcoming Remarks
1:25 PM
Nutrient provisioning by gut microbiota of a wood-boring beetle
Kelli Hoover, Pennsylvania State University ; Erin D. Scully, Pennsylvania State University ; Paul Akwettey Ayayee, Pennsylvania State University ; John Carlson, Pennsylvania State University ; Ming Tien, Pennsylvania State University ; Scott Geib, USDA-ARS
1:43 PM
Gut microbial community of Phlebotomus duboscqi plays a major role in the vector competence for Leishmania major
Ludek Zurek, Kansas State University ; Dinesh Erram, Kansas State University ; Anuradha Ghosh, Kansas State University ; David Sacks, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health (NIAID, NIH)
2:01 PM
Diversity and function of bacterial communities in the Drosophila gut
Angela E. Douglas, Cornell University ; Adam Wong, Cornell University ; John Chaston, Cornell University ; Adam Dobson, Cornell University ; Peter Newell, Cornell University
2:19 PM
The evolution and ecology of ant gut microbiomes
Corrie Moreau, Field Museum of Natural History ; Jacob Russell, Drexel University
2:37 PM
2:47 PM
Psyllids or associated microbes, who is in charge?
Cecilia Tamborindeguy, Texas A&M University ; Freddy Ibanez, Texas A&M University ; Punya Nachappa, Texas A&M University ; Julien Levy, Texas A&M University
3:05 PM
Endosymbiont genome dynamics during dictyopteran evolution
Zakee Sabree, The Ohio State University
3:23 PM
Bacteria living with and talking to the Black Soldier Fly
Tawni L. Crippen, USDA - ARS ; Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Texas A&M University ; Longyu Zheng, Huazhong Agricultural University ; Baneshwar Singh, Texas A&M University ; Aaron M. Tarone, Texas A&M University ; Meaghan Pimsler, Texas A&M University
3:41 PM
4:27 PM
The Calliphoridae microbiome: An ecoregion perspective
Jennifer L. Pechal, University of Dayton ; M. Eric Benbow, University of Dayton
5:03 PM
Concluding Remarks
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