A review of the Geometrinae (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) of the Caribbean with descriptions of new species and new distribution records

Monday, November 11, 2013
Exhibit Hall 4 (Austin Convention Center)
David M. Plotkin , Mississippi Entomological Museum, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
The Geometrinae, commonly known as emerald moths, are a diverse group of Lepidoptera with over 450 described Neotropical species. However, Caribbean Geometrinae have received relatively little attention compared to the Geometrinae of Central and South America, with only 24 species having a recorded Caribbean distribution. A review of Caribbean Geometrinae was conducted, using material from museums and private collections, in order to more accurately assess the species richness. Nine new species, of Caribbean Geometrinae were described in five genera, and twelve species were found to have expanded ranges, for a total of twentynine new country records. Additionally, two species thought to have Caribbean distribution were not found in the collected material, although numerous representatives of corresponding cryptic species were present. Thus, it is suspected that these two species are not truly present in the Caribbean, although this cannot be conclusively stated until type specimens are examined. Nevertheless, the species richness of Caribbean Geometrinae is greater than previously thought, as is the distribution of many individual species.