Ecological study of Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) at Doucen, Biskra Oasis, Algeria

Wednesday, November 13, 2013: 2:18 PM
Meeting Room 17 B (Austin Convention Center)
Mohammed Belhamra , Université Mohamed Khider, Biskra, Algeria
Tarai Nacer , Département d'Agronomie, Université Mohamed Khider, Biskra, Algérie, 07000, Zone Ouest, Algeria
A survey on the  Tutta absoluta ( Lepidoptera,  Gelechiidae) , newly introduced in the oasis of Biskra, on the culture of the tomato under greenhouse to the level at Doucen, Biskra oasis,  this last produces more than 40% of the national production in market culture.   This survey is based on the installation of the traps TUTASON to sexual pheromone Pherodis to the level of 20 greenhouses installed according to the direction, North - South - Est - West.    The captured most elevated percentage of the male adults is recorded during the end of the month of March 2012, whereas the weakest percentage is recorded during the month of NovemberTo shortcoming this survey, we mentioned the attacks and damages as well as the natural enemies found of manner accidental on culture of tomato during the period of sampling.   

Words key: Tutta absoluta , tomato, Doucen, traps, sexual pheromone, greenhouse.