ESA Pacific Branch Annual Meeting Online Program

Old Pests and New Pests of Western Specialty Crops

Wednesday, March 28, 2012: 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
Salons BC (Marriott Downtown Waterfront )
Silvia I. Rondon
Brian Bret

8:30 AM
Role of The IR-4 Project in managing specialty crop pests
Stephen Flanagan, University of California, Davis ; Rebecca Sisco, University of California, Davis ; Keith Dorschner, Rutgers University
8:50 AM
From grasshoppers to Christmas tree pests: What is new in Oregon?
Helmuth W. Rogg, Oregon Department of Agriculture
9:30 AM
Onion thrips’ life history strategies: one tough pest
Diane G. Alston, Utah State University ; Bonnie Bunn, Utah State University
9:50 AM
A new look at an old pest: Clover root borer in red clover seed production
Andrew Corkery, Oregon State University ; Sujaya Rao, Oregon State University
10:10 AM
Refined management of arthropod pests of mint to improve sustainability and protect water quality
Larry Godfrey, University of California, Davis ; Kris Tollerup, University of California, Davis ; Daniel Marcum, University of California
10:30 AM
10:50 AM
New perspectives on an old pest: abiotic factors influencing the beet leafhopper (Circulifer tenellus) in the lower Columbia Basin
Alexzandra Murphy, Oregon State University ; Silvia I. Rondon, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
11:10 AM
Biological Control of Lewis spider mite (Eotetranychus lewisi) in strawberries
Anna Howell, University of California, Davis ; Oleg Daugovish, University of California, Davis
11:30 AM
120 years after Comstock the wireworm battle continues
Kevin W. Wanner, Montana State University ; Anuar Morales-Rodriguez, Montana State University
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