ESA Annual Meetings Online Program

Ten-Minute Papers, PBT Section, Physiology

Sunday, November 11, 2012: 1:30 PM-4:15 PM
Rotunda, Floor Three (Knoxville Convention Center)
Subba R. Palli
M. R. Strand
Dan A. Hahn
Coby Schal

1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:33 PM
Glucose aversion in the German cockroach is mediated by changes in gustatory sensillum function
Ayako Wada-Katsumata, North Carolina State University ; Jules Silverman, North Carolina State University ; Coby Schal, North Carolina State University
1:45 PM
Insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for?
Nigel R. Andrew, University of New England ; Sarah Hill, University of New England ; Matt Binns, University of New England ; Md Habibullah Bahar, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ; Emma Ridley, University of York ; Myung-Pyo Jung, National Academy of Agricultural Science ; Chris Fyfe, University of New England ; Michelle Yates, National Academy of Agricultural Science ; Mohammad Khusro, University of New England
1:57 PM
Nutrient regulation and post-ingestive utilization in glucose averse German cockroaches
Jules Silverman, North Carolina State University ; Jonathan Shik, North Carolina State University ; Coby Schal, North Carolina State University
2:09 PM
Larval starvation affects metabolic physiology and behaviors of adult honeybees
Ying Wang, Arizona State University ; Osman Kaftanoglu, Arizona State University ; Nicholas Baker, Arizona State University ; Gro V. Amdam, Arizona State University ; Robert E. Page, Arizona State University
2:21 PM
2:33 PM
Involvement of fatty acids and oxylipins in soybean defense against the southern green stink bug, Nezara viridula 
Zhaorigetu Chen, University of Arkansas ; Jonathan Smith, University of Arkansas ; Burton Bluhm, University of Arkansas
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
Effects of age and lifetime flight behavior on reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster
Georgina E. Mancinelli, Central Michigan University ; Stephen P. Roberts, Central Michigan University
3:24 PM
Results of larval Apis melifera inter-laboratory validation tests for development of a standardized test procedure
Michael Patnaude, Smithers Viscient ; Leonardo Fernandes, Smithers Viscient ; James Hoberg, Smithers Viscient
3:36 PM
Multiple flights in the dispersal of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)
Jesse A. Hardin, North Carolina State University ; David N. Byrne, University of Arizona
3:48 PM
Improving the sterile insect technique using simple atmospheric treatments
Dan A. Hahn, University of Florida ; Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez, University of Florida
4:00 PM
Concluding Remarks