Tuesday, December 11, 2007: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Golden West, Atlas Ballroom, First Floor (Town & Country)

Program Symposium: Late-Breaking Symposium--Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees: Insight Into Status, Potential Causes, and Preventive Measures

Organizer(s): Diana Cox-Foster, dxc12@psu.edu
Jeff Pettis, pettisj@ba.ars.usda.gov
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM0923CCD: One year later, where we are and where we're going
Dennis Van Engelsdorp, c-dvanengl@state.pa.us, David Tarpy, david_tarpy@ncsu.edu
1:55 PM 0924Is it even possible to maintain healthy honey bee colonies in the U.S.?
Marla Spivak, spiva001@umn.edu
2:15 PM0925"Toxic House": Potential impact of pesticides on honey bee health
Maryann Frazier, mxt15@psu.edu, Jim Frazier, mxt15@psu.edu
2:35 PM 0926Transcriptional forensics and honey bee colony collapse disorder
May R. Berenbaum, maybe@uiuc.edu, Reed Johnson, rmjohns1@uiuc.edu, Gene Robinson, generobi@uiuc.edu, Jay Evans, evansj@ba.ars.usda.gov
2:55 PM0927Pathogen surveillance and discovery in acute and chronic disease
Gustavo Palacios, gp2050@columbia.edu, Sean Conlan, sc2623@columbia.edu, Thomas Briese, tb2046@columbia.edu, Mady Hornig, mh2092@columbia.edu, Phuong-Lan Quan, pq2106@columbia.edu, W. Ian Lipkin, wil2001@columbia.edu
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM0928Pathogens and parasites plaguing bees: Potential role in CCD
Diana Cox-Foster, dxc12@psu.edu
3:50 PM0929Bacterial associates of collapsing and thriving bees, a universal retinue?
Jay Evans, evansj@ba.ars.usda.gov, Vince Martinson, vgm@email.arizona.edu, Nancy A. Moran, nmoran@email.arizona.edu
4:10 PM0930Integration of viral sequences into honey bee genome conveys viral resistance
Ilan Sela, sela@agri.huji.ac.il
4:30 PM0931U.S. honey bee populations: Genetic effects of importation and breeding practices
Walter S. Sheppard, shepp@wsu.edu
4:50 PM 0932Bringing biological defense capabilities to bear on agriculture pathogens
Evan Skowronski, evan.skowronski@us.army.mil, Charles Wick, charles.h.wick@us.army.mil, J. J. Bromenshenk, beeresearch@aol.com, Colin Henderson, colin.henderson@mso.umt.edu, Dave Wick, mrwick@montana.edu
5:10 PM0933The myths and mysteries of CCD: The path forward
Jeff Pettis, pettisj@ba.ars.usda.gov
5:30 PM Concluding Remarks

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