Monday, December 10, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Salon One, Garden Ballroom, Second Floor (Town & Country)

F, Session F2. Crop and Urban Pest Management

Organizer(s): Paul Walgenbach
Kelly V. Tindall
8:00 AM Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM0506Does refuge width or distance from Bt fields decrease contamination by transgenes?
Shannon M. Heuberger, Bruce E. Tabashnik, Yves Carriere, Timothy Dennehy
8:17 AM0507Examining the impacts of refuge structure in transgenic corn: How does refuge-in-a-bag compare to other options?
Alexzandra McKinnis, Christian H. Krupke
8:29 AM0508Efficacy of Bt-toxins in moisture- and light-stressed cotton
M. L. McCullough
8:41 AM0509Evaluating ecological causes of secondary pest outbreaks in transgenic Bt cotton: Implications for ecological risk analysis
Adam Zeilinger, Dawn M. Olson, David Andow
8:53 AM0510Managing resistance to Bt crops by mass-release of engineered insects
Nina Alphey, Paul G. Coleman, Christl. A. Donnelly, Luke Alphey
9:05 AM 0511Estimating carabid beetle exposure to rootworm-resistant Bt protein
Miles Lepping, Galen P. Dively, Paula M. Shrewsbury, Leslie Pick, Zain Hasan
9:17 AM0512Pyrethroid insecticide resistance in Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Bradley W. Hopkins, Patricia V. Pietrantonio
9:29 AM Break
9:41 AM0513Curative activity of insecticides targeting immature life stages of plum curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar Herbst) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Eric J. Hoffmann, John C. Wise
9:53 AM0514Use of novaluron’s transovarial activity for plum curculio Conotrachelus nenuphar Herbst (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) population control
Ki Duk Kim, Soo-Hoon Samuel Kim, John C. Wise, Christine Vandervoort, Ayhan Gokce, Mark E. Whalon
10:05 AM0515Transstadial transmission of novaluron in codling moth Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) and effects of exposure methods on its effectiveness
Soo-Hoon Samuel Kim, Ayhan Gokce, John C. Wise, Mark E. Whalon
10:17 AM 0516Imidacloprid and spider mite fecundity: Is there a connection?
Adrianna Szczepaniec, Michael J. Raupp
10:29 AM0517Field evaluation of organic insecticides to control the harlequin bug, Murgantia histrionica, and the yellowmargined leaf beetle, Microtheca ochroloma, on leafy greens in southern Oklahoma
Lisa M. Overall, Jonathan Edelson
10:41 AM0518Field evaluation of resistance to pyriproxyfen in the sweetpotato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci)
David W. Crowder, Timothy Dennehy, Christa Ellers-Kirk, Peter Ellsworth, Bruce Tabashnik, Yves Carriere
10:53 AM0519Influence of four different lawn management programs on the abundance of plant-feeding and beneficial arthropods
Victoria Caceres, Douglas S. Richmond

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