Wednesday, December 12, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Salon One, Garden Ballroom, Second Floor (Town & Country)

Symposium: Insect Science and the Changing Research and Development Landscape at the Land Grant University: Training Entomologists for the Future

Organizer(s): James Harper,
Steve Yaninek,
8:00 AM1199Opening comments: 2007 CEDA Chair
Robert N. Wiedenmann,
8:10 AM1200The changing research and development landscape at Land Grant universities
Michael P. Parrella,
8:30 AM1201Associate Dean (agricultural research programs) perspective
Sonny Ramaswamy,
8:35 AM 1202Department Head perspective
Thomas O Holtzer, Thomas.Holtzer@ColoState.EDU
8:40 AM Discussion
8:50 AM1203Balancing the Land Grant university mission responsibilities and National Research Council expectations in entomology departments: Deans' perspectives
Sharron Quisenberry,, Thomas L. Payne
9:15 AM1204Extension leader perspective
Beth Grafton-Cardwell
9:20 AM 1205Non-Land Grant university perspective
Mark D. Shelton
9:30 AM Discussion
9:40 AM Break
9:55 AM1206Future needs and opportunities in entomology: Industry perspective
Mike Culy
10:10 AM1207Federal perspective
Ernest Delfosse,
10:15 AM1208Commodity perspective
Patricia F. O'Leary,
10:20 AM 1209Structural pest management research perspective
Fred E. Strickland
10:25 AM1210Structural pest management education perspective
Kathy Heinsohn
10:30 AM Discussion
10:40 AM1211Future needs and opportunities in entomology training in the Land Grant university: Perspectives from entomology Department Heads
John Capinera,
10:55 AM1212Additional comments from entomology Department Heads
Steve Yaninek, Bruce Tabashnik, Carl J. Jones, Gary Felton
11:15 AMOpportunities and Challenges in the Northeast
Gary Felton,
11:35 AMDiscussion
11:45 AM Concluding Remarks

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