Sunday, December 9, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Windsor, Regency Ballroom, First Floor (Town & Country)

Section Symposium: Successes, Challenges, and Frontiers in Biological Control of Saltcedar in the Western U.S.

Organizer(s): Patrick J. Moran,
Moderator(s): Ray I. Carruthers,
8:00 AM Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM0001Establishment and impact of Diorhabda beetles in California, Nevada, and Utah, and evaluation of risk to native Frankenia spp
Ray I. Carruthers,, Greg Abbott,, C. Jack DeLoach,, John Herr,, Jeff Knight,
8:20 AM0002Monitoring, dispersal, and impact of southern-adapted Diorhabda beetles along the Colorado and Rio Grande of West Texas
C. Jack DeLoach,, Allen E. Knutson,, Joaquin Sanabria,, Jim Everitt,, James Tracy,, Tom Robbins,, Mark Donet,, Ty Fain,
8:35 AM0003Implementing saltcedar biological control in Texas
Allen E. Knutson,, Mark Muegge,, C. Jack DeLoach,
8:50 AM0004Comparative life histories of two Diorhabda spp. saltcedar bio-agents released in the Texas Panhandle
G. J. Michels,, Vanessa Carney,, Erin Jones,
9:05 AM0005A multi-state release program for Diorhabda elongata in the northern US: Establishment, impacts, and surprises
Richard Hansen,
9:20 AM0006USDI-BOR saltcedar biocontrol activities on the Arkansas River
Debra Eberts,, Denise Hosler,
9:35 AM0007Latitudinal gradients and host suitability studies to predict success of saltcedar beetle ecotypes
Peter Dalin,, Tom Dudley,, Dan Bean,, David Kazmer,, David C. Thompson,, Debra Eberts,, Joseph Milan,, Vanessa Carney,, G. Jerry Michels,
9:50 AM Break
10:05 AM 0008Taxonomy and biogeography of the Diorhabda elongata species group: Matching Diorhabda species and species climatypes to ecoregions of the western North American tamarisk invasion
James Tracy,, Tom Robbins,, C. Jack DeLoach,
10:20 AM0009Diorhabda species/ecotypes/biotypes: Are we being too conservative in our thinking?
David C. Thompson,, Kevin Gardner,
10:35 AM0010Molecular tools for characterizing saltcedar leaf beetle ecotypes and their hybrids, and the status of beetle releases in the northern Great Plains
David Kazmer,, John Gaskin,
10:50 AM0011The impact of diapause and other life history traits on the establishment and dispersal of the tamarisk leaf beetle, Diorhabda elongata
Dan Bean,, Nina Louden,, Brian Swedhin,, Tom Dudley,
11:05 AM0012Pheromone trapping to detect saltcedar beetle dispersal
Earl Andress,, Allard Cossť,
11:20 AM0013Biology and impacts of southern-adapted Diorhabda saltcedar beetles on an exotic non-target host, athel (Tamarix aphylla)
Patrick J. Moran,, Lindsey Milbrath,, C. Jack DeLoach,
11:35 AM Discussion

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