Tuesday, December 11, 2007: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Pacific Salon Two, Golden Pacific Ballroom, First Floor (Town & Country)

Symposium: Bark and Wood Boring Beetles: Innovations and Initiatives with the U.S. Forest Service

Organizer(s): Daniel R. Miller, dmiller03@fs.fed.us
Brian T. Sullivan, briansullivan@fs.fed.us
1:30 PM Introductory Remarks
1:35 PM0971Southern pine beetle prevention and restoration program: Five years of progress
John T. Nowak, jnowak@fs.fed.us
1:55 PM 0972Dealing with repeated waves of exotic bark and wood boring beetles in the Northeast
Therese M. Poland, tpoland@fs.fed.us, Robert A. Haack, Leah S. Bauer, lbauer@fs.fed.us
2:15 PM0973Influence of climate change on mountain pine beetle populations in western North America
Barbara Bentz, bbentz@fs.fed.us
2:35 PM0974Two-thirds of the equation: The role of economics and social values in deploying pesticides and semiochemicals to manage forest insects
Tom Eager, teager@fs.fed.us
2:55 PM0975Spatial aspects of pheromone component interactions in the southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis
Brian T. Sullivan, briansullivan@fs.fed.us
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM0976Latest developments in aerial remote sensing for bark beetles
Jim Ellenwood, jellenwood@fs.fed.us
3:50 PM 0977Ethanol in stressed conifers and its influence on bark and ambrosia beetles
Rick Kelsey, rkelsey@fs.fed.us
4:10 PM0978Modelling fuels and fire behavior after a mountain pine beetle outbreak in lodgepole pine forests of Colorado
Jose Negron, jnegron@fs.fed.us
4:30 PM 0979New pheromone formulations provide effective area-wide control of bark beetles
Nancy Gillette, ngillette@fs.fed.us, Nadir Erbilgin, erbilgin@nature.berkeley.edu, Donald Owen, Connie Mehmel, Matt Hansen, Lee Pederson, Fabian Uzoh, John Stein, jstein@fs.fed.us, David L. Wood, bigwood@nature.berkeeley.edu
4:50 PM0980Early detection of non-native bark and ambrosia beetles
Robert Rabaglia, brabaglia@fs.fed.us
5:10 PM0981Trapping pine sawyers and associates with host volatiles and bark beetle pheromones
Daniel R. Miller, dmiller03@fs.fed.us, Christopher Asaro, Chris.Asaro@dof.virginia.gov, Christopher M. Crowe, ccrowe1@fs.fed.us, James R. Meeker, jmeeker@fs.fed.us

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