Tuesday, December 11, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

Pacific Salon One, Golden Pacific Ballroom, First Floor (Town & Country)

Symposium: The Larry L. Larson Symposium: New Developments from Industry for Insect Pest Management Solutions

Organizer(s): Mike P. Tolley, mtolley@dow.com
Moderator(s): Juan Consuegra, JConsuegra@central.com
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:10 AM0797Multiple or stacked insect traits: Pros and cons
Gary D. Thompson, gdthompson@dow.com, Nicholas Storer, nstorer@dow.com, J. Edward King, jeking@dow.com, Tom Meade, meade@dow.com, Mike Culy, mculy@dow.com
8:30 AM 0798Mode of action and selectivity of RynaxypyrTM, a novel anthranilic diamide insecticide from DuPont
Daniel Cordova, daniel.cordova@usa.dupont.com, E. Benner, Eric.A.Benner@usa.dupont.com, M. Sacher, Matthew.Sacher@usa.dupont.com, J. Rauh, James.J.Rauh@usa.dupont.com, J. Sopa, Jeffrey.S.Sopa-1@usa.dupont.com, G. Lahm, George.P.Lahm@usa.dupont.com, T. Selby, Thomas.P.Selby@usa.dupont.com, T. Stevenson, Thomas.M.Stevenson@usa.dupont.com, L. Flexner, Lindsey.Flexner@usa.dupont.com, T. Caspar, Timothy.Caspar@usa.dupont.com, J. Ragghianti, James.J.Ragghianti@usa.dupont.com, S. Gutteridge, Steven.Gutteridge@usa.dupont.com, D. Rhoades, Daniel.F.Rhoades@usa.dupont.com, L. Wu, Lihong.L.Wu@usa.dupont.com, R. Smith, Rejane.M.Smith@usa.dupont.com, Y. Tao, Yong.Tao@usa.dupont.com
8:50 AM 0799Uptake and translocation of RynaxypyrTM, a novel anthranilic diamide insecticide from DuPont
Cheryl Bellin, cheryl.a.bellin@usa.dupont.com, R. Dietrich, Robert.F.Dietrich@usa.dupont.com, L. Watson, Lawrence.J.Watson@usa.dupont.com, E. Lang, Edward.B.Lang@usa.dupont.com, D. Perkins, Denis.L.Perkins@usa.dupont.com, R. Cameron, Rachel.A.Cameron@usa.dupont.com, H. Portillo, Hector.E.Portillo@usa.dupont.com, P. Marcon, Paula.C.Marcon@usa.dupont.com
9:10 AM 0800Global development of spinetoram, a new spinosyn insecticide from Dow AgroSciences
James E. Dripps, jedripps@dow.com, Aris Chloridis, achloridis@dow.com, Paul Downard, downard@dow.com, Katsuya Kaneshi, kkaneshi@dow.com, Leng Choy Lee, lllee@dow.com, Yi-Ki Min, ykmin@dow.com, Luis Pavan, lapavan@dow.com
9:30 AM 0801Innovative uses for spinosad: Recent developments and new markets
Doris Paroonagian, dparoonagian@dow.com, William H Hendrix, wmhendrix@dow.com, Mark B. Hertlein, mbhertlein@dow.com, Aris Chloridis, achloridis@dow.com, Amit Samsudin, asamsudin@dow.com, Katsuya Kaneshi, kkaneshi@dow.com
9:50 AM Break
10:10 AM 0802Baseline and monitoring for insecticide resistance are fundamental steps in pest management
Marco Toapanta, marco.toapanta@bayercropscience.com, David Schuster, dschust@ufl.edu, John Bell, David Rogers, david.rogers@bayercropscience.com, Robert J. Steffens, robert.steffens@bayercropscience.com
10:30 AM 0803Optigard™ cockroach bait: Field and lab results of a new Syngenta cockroach bait containing emamectin benzoate
Clark N. Lovelady, clark.lovelady@syngenta.com, Mark Zajac, mark.zajac@syngenta.com, Carol Wyatt-Evens, carol.wyattevens@syngenta.com, Deanna Branscome, deanna.branscome@syngenta.com, David L. Cox, david.cox@syngenta.com
10:50 AM 0804Optigard™ ant gel bait: Field and lab results of a new Syngenta ant bait containing thiamethoxam
David L. Cox, david.cox@syngenta.com, Mark Zajac, mark.zajac@syngenta.com, Renee Keese, renee.keese@syngenta.com, Jackie Driver, jackie.driver@syngenta.com, Kathleen Lovelace, kathleen.lovelace@syngenta.com, Clark N. Lovelady, clark.lovelady@syngenta.com
11:10 AM 0805Reaching to the sky to protect against insects that fly--An evaluation of emamectin benzoate tree injections against arboreal pests
David L. Cox, david.cox@syngenta.com, Don Grosman, JJ. Daccola, Steve Cosky, Renee Keese, Jackie Driver
11:30 AM Concluding Remarks

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