Tuesday, December 11, 2007: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM

Sheffield, Regency Ballroom, First Floor (Town & Country)

Symposium: Entomological Connections to Science, Innovation, and Influence: Impacts and Professional Development

Organizer(s): Wilma Aponte-Cordero, wva102@psu.edu
Anne Nielson, annielse@rci.rutgers.edu
1:30 PM 0988Introduction
Wilma Aponte-Cordero, wva102@gmail.com
1:35 PM0989Medicine and entomology: Directions for the future
Susan Paskewitz, paskewit@entomology.wisc.edu
2:00 PM0990Insulin signaling: A tangled web controlling reproduction and aging in the mosquito
Michael A. Riehle, mriehle@ag.arizona.edu
2:25 PM0991My evolution in the field of forest entomology: Lessons learned
Christopher J. Fettig, cfettig@fs.fed.us
2:50 PM0992Man without hats: Interdisciplinary research in entomology demands and rewards flexibility
Daniel Z Rubinoff, rubinoff@hawaii.edu
3:15 PM0993"The best discoveries result from mistakes and serendipity"
James H. Tumlinson, jht2@psu.edu
3:40 PM0994From transgenic crops to transgenic pests: Science and policy issues
Fred Gould, fred_gould@ncsu.edu
4:05 PM0995Biodiversity and entomology toward our sustainable world
Ke Chung Kim, kck@psu.edu

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