Monday, December 10, 2007 - 8:17 AM

Distribution of corn-feeding picture-wing flies (Ulidiidae) in Florida

Gaurav Goyal, goyalgau@ufl.edu1, Gregg S Nuessly, gnuessly@ufl.edu1, Gary Steck, steckg@doacs.state.fl.us2, John Capinera, capinera@ufl.edu3, Dakshina Seal, dseal@Ifas.ufl.edu4, and Kenneth Boote, kjb@mail.ifas.ufl.edu5. (1) University of Florida, Everglades Research and Education Center (EREC), 3200 East Palm Beach Road, Belle Glade, FL, (2) University of Florida, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 1911 SW 34th street, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL, (3) University of Florida, Professor and Chair , Entomology & Nematology Department, Natural Area Drive, P.O. Box 110620, Gainesville, FL, (4) University of Florida, Entomology and Nematology, Tropical Research and Education Center, Homestead, FL, (5) University of Florida, Agronomy Department, Professor of Agronomy, Post Office Box 110500, Gainesville, FL

Three species of Ulidiidae flies that damage corn (Zea mays L.) throughout tropical and subtropical America are found in Florida: Euxesta annonae (F.), E. eluta Loew, and E. stigmatias Loew. While E. annonae and E. stigmatias are primary corn pests, E. eluta may only develop on previously damaged ears. Other Ulidiidae with unknown pest status are also found in Florida corn fields. The pest status and distribution of these species is needed to improve local pest management strategies. Adult and larval stage ulidiids were collected from corn fields throughout Florida during the summer and fall months of 2007. The immature stages were held for adult emergence and then identified to species level along with field-collected adults. Species pest status and Florida distribution by county will be presented. Establishing the species status in various counties will help extension agents, pest control agents and growers to more easily identify pests and determine appropriate control measures in their respective areas.

Species 1: Diptera Ulidiidae Euxesta eluta
Species 2: Diptera Ulidiidae Euxesta stigmatias
Species 3: Diptera Ulidiidae Euxesta annonae