Monday, December 10, 2007 - 8:05 AM

Mitochondrial genomes of six beetles, including representatives from all four Coleoptera suborders

Nathan Sheffield, nathan@galatix.com1, Hojun Song, hojun_song@byu.edu1, and Michael F. Whiting2. (1) Brigham Young University, Department of Biology, 401 Widtsoe Building, Provo, UT, (2) Brigham Young University, Integrative Biology, Department of Integrative Biology, 401 WIDB, Provo, UT

Coleoptera is the most diverse group of insects, with over 360,000 species divided into four suborders: Adephaga, Archostemata, Myxophaga, and Polyphaga. In this study, we present six new complete mitochondrial genome descriptions, including a representative of each suborder and analyze the evolution of mitochondrial genomes from a comparative framework using five additional published coleopteran genomes. We propose a modification of cox1 start codons based on sequence alignment to better reflect the conservation observed across species, as well as findings of the rare but possible TTG start codon in other genes. We also analyze tRNA-Ser anticodon conservation across beetle suborders and report a conserved anticodon across Polyphaga. All six species of beetle have the same gene order as the ancestral insect. We report junk DNA regions including a small gap region of about 20bp betwee tRNA-Ser(UCN) and nad1 that is present in all six genomes.

Species 1: Coleoptera Carabidae Bembidion transversale
Species 2: Coleoptera Ommatidae Tetraphalerus bruchi
Species 3: Coleoptera Sphaeriusidae Sphaerius sp