The 2005 ESA Annual Meeting and Exhibition
December 15-18, 2005
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Friday, December 16, 2005: 1:30 PM-6:30 PM

Floridian Ballroom B-C (Convention Center, Third Floor)

Program Symposium: Chemical Ecology Approaches to Fend off West Nile Virus and other Emerging Diseases

Organizer(s): Walter S. Leal,
1:30 PM0494The emerging threat of vectorborne diseases: A global perspective
G.C. Lanzaro,
1:55 PM0495Molecular and chemical ecology-based approaches for the development of new mosquito attractants and repellents
Walter S. Leal,
2:25 PM0496Improving trapping systems for gravid female Culex mosquitoes
Ring T. Cardé,
2:50 PM0497Development of infusion-based baits for Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus  [ Recorded presentation ]
Charles Apperson,, Coby Schal,
3:20 PM0498Designing novel mosquito repellents
Kamlesh R. Chauhan,
3:40 PM0499Chemical ecology of Anophelines
Willem Takken,
4:10 PMBreak
4:20 PM0500Viral release in the mosquito midgut
Sarjeet Gill,
4:45 PM0501Molecules and molecular biology for mosquito control  [ Recorded presentation ]
John A. Pickett,
5:15 PMIdentifying attractants and repellants by functional expression odor receptors
John Carlson,
5:30 PM0502Funding mechanisms available at NIH: Opportunities for chemical ecology?
Adriana Costero,
5:35 PMBedoukian-Sponsor Reception and Discussion Session

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